Asparagus is the newest crop to be grown and harvest here at Splattenridden.

It’s a very challenging and sensitive crop but it likes the Cornish climate on our south facing sloping fields. 

Warmth from South Facing Fields

Drainage and warm temperature are vital for an efficient Asparagus harvest. Best growth is seen in open, sun-facing sites. Our Asparagus is grown in the warmest south-facing fields of the farm – maximise the warmth from the Cornish spring sunshine.


Our Asparagus season runs from March through to June. Growing, packing a supplying Asparagus is very labour intensive. 

Here at Splattenridden, we have specalised teams of farm pickers who pick, clean and pack the Asparagus as quickly as possible so we can get it out to the shops while it still fresh.

Work on The Farm

If you have a hankering to get out in the fresh air and try your hand at farming we have lots of work available from seasonal picking, heardsmen on our dairy farm to full time farmhands to work all over our 1300 acre farm. To find out more click below.

Please do get in touch if you would like more information on our farm or to discuss stocking our produce.