Splattenridden Farm was bought by Charles Paul Richards in 1922 (seen right) who previously farmed at Tregender in Crowlas.

The unique name is derived from Cornish meaning ‘a house built on a plot of ferns’.

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The business has expanded over the years to where we are today.

Now Splattenridden comprises 330 cow extensive grass-based dairy units, as well as growing asparagus and field vegetables and potatoes for Walkers Crisps.

A small number of cereals are grown for animal feed.

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In addition to farming, in 1999 with the expansion of the families, the Green Waste Company was formed.

The Green Waste Company recycles green waste, wood and farm plastics. The PAS 100 Certified compost made from green waste is used on our farmland to sustain healthy soils and reduce the amount of fertiliser used. 

We are committed to looking after the environment by minimising the dumping of waste in landfill sites. We believe through local recycling we can reduce waste disposal and improve Cornwall’s carbon footprint in a most cost effective and time effective manner. This directly supports our conviction that local solutions for Cornwall are vital in this era of globalisation and high fuel costs.

We believe that through participating with the local Cornish community we can help others to engage in recycling and further realise the significance of sustainability for Cornwall’s future. To find out more about the Green Waste Company click on the logo below.