Field Vegetables

Splatenridden comprises of 330 cow extensive grass-based dairy units; also growing field vegetables, Asparagus, and potatoes for Walkers Crisps. A small amount of cereals are grown for animal feed.

35 Varieties of Winter Cauliflower

We farm over 200 acres of fields to grow 35 varieties of Winter Cauliflower. Soil is rich in organic matter, holding in moisture for uninterrupted growth.

The crop is then supplied to Staples vegetables – who retail in most supermarkets in the UK.


Over 3500 tons of Lady Rosetta Potato are harvested at Spalttenridden. A specialist crisping potato that has an early crop maturity to support fresh crisp production.

Our Crisping potatoes are grown for Walkers Crisps. For maximum freshness, our potatoes are washed, loaded into lorries, and made into crisps within 24hrs.

Please do get in touch if you would like more information on our farm or to discuss stocking our produce.